Get to the Choppa

by MisCast

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If there is one thing 80's action cinema has taught me, it's that there is no problem that cannot be solved with a bitchin' helicopter.


Got commies in your backyard,
And you don’t know what to do,
Hanging round, bothering your friends,
Startin’ shit at your school,

Castro and his buddy Kruschev,
They’re commie pals for life,
Tryin’ to destroy the free world,
One wolverine at a time

Got a problem that you need solved,
But you don’t know what to do

Ya gotta go go get to the choppa,
Fly high to the sky
Ya gotta run go get to the choppa,
Fly to stay alive

Dropped into a tropical jungle
Working for the government tip,
Come across a prison camp
Where all your friends been left for dead

Grab your bow
and Robin Hood
A baddie in the eye
Gonna blow up the whole village
One arrow at a time

Find yourself in another jungle,
Ain’t got time to bleed
Hunted by an alien hunter
Who’s trophy-rooming your team

Setting traps
Mud Baths
For an ugly son of a bitch
Gonna stop his reign of terror
With some sharpened sticks


released March 21, 2013




MisCast Boston, Massachusetts

MisCast is a geek-rock duo from Boston, MA. With an eclectic mix of musical stylings ranging from rockabilly, to folk, to straight up punk, Jay & Sully write about things that matter to them; from games to movies to comics to tech to not fitting in to poor sentence structure. ... more

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