MisCast Christmas 2013

by MisCast

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Our annual Christmas release is a little different this year, in that it's two original Christmas-ish songs! Enjoy and be merry!


released December 16, 2013




MisCast Boston, Massachusetts

MisCast is a geek-rock duo from Boston, MA. With an eclectic mix of musical stylings ranging from rockabilly, to folk, to straight up punk, Jay & Sully write about things that matter to them; from games to movies to comics to tech to not fitting in to poor sentence structure. ... more

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Track Name: Red Ringed for Christmas
Stockings are hung, Up on the wall with care,
In hopes the seasons hottest games will soon be there
Each one to be stuffed, Right up to the cuff,
Oh I hope that I've asked for enough

Get some last minute prep in,
Check my batteries, plug my headset in,
Hit the power, Turn on the TV and then

I'm getting red-ringed for Christmas,
Santa don't bring you coal,
He just creeps in and bricks your console
I'm getting red-ringed for Christmas,
Yea I think I just got trolled,
By the fattest man, in the North Pole

Woke up early, Came bounding down the stairs,
Could not believe my eyes when I saw what was there
Over 20 games, a fighting stick and more,
All spread out across the living room floor


This irony, is just to much to bear,
That's when I heard a sound from behind my favorite chair
Crouched down all in red, he laughed until he rolled,
Santa looked up at me and asked, "You mad bro?"

Track Name: Murray Crimmus
October's chilly breezes, leads to November snow,
December brings many things as my rage begins to grow
Another year, standing here ringing this goddamn bell,
Folks pass by dropping coin inside, with no idea...of the tale I have to tell

When your name is Murray Crimmus, every day is hell,
After November 25th it's worse than I can tell
No amount of presents, or people wishing well
Will save you all from my wrath when I toll that final bell

Nothing says Christmas, like a pound of C4
Hear me singin' Ho-Ho-Ho as I leave it at your door
Maybe I'll just smile, when you joke about my name
But I'll be the one laughin' when I shove you from the train

When your name is Murray Crimmus, every day is hell,
After November 25th it's worse than I can tell
So save your jokes and snickers, for another time,
'Cause if I catch just one whiff of it, you're all gonna die

Since I was a child, it's been my burden to bear
Spent my whole life smilin' and pretending I don't care
Every time ya'll laugh at me, I make a mental note
Cause you're the ones I'm comin' for when my brain finally goes

When your name is Murray Crimmus, every day is hell,
But after November 25th it's worse than I can tell
Can't enjoy that Christmas tree or carol just one note
Ain't much to be merry about when your life's one ironic joke